The best medicine for your health?

There is one medicine / intervention whose breath of positive effect is astonishing, it positively influences so many health issues, more than any other medicine.

This intervention can help people with hip and knee arthritis.

It can reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s.

It can Improve the control of diabetes.

It can reduces the risk of hip fracture in post-menopausal women.

It can reduce the effect of anxiety and depression.

It reduces the risk of death!! Although it will not stop it.

It is the primary treatment for fatigue.

Its basically improves peoples overall quality of life – that can’t be bad!

So what is this medicine? What is this wonder drug?

Well, its EXERCISE!!

In fact, its primary walking and not extreme sports!

Please take time to view this very powerful video which puts the above information into real context.

Our South Cambridge Physio’s, here at Penn Farm Physio, can help you with your exercise journey with the aim of ‘Keeping You Active’ so you can achieve your sporting goals or get you more comfortable moving.

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For those over 50’s, please see click here to see this wonderful service in the local Cambridgeshire community which supports you with getting active.

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