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Because of the rising popularity of media devices such as smartphones and computers, frequent users often exhibit sustained posture.

Forward head posture (FHP) is a habitual neck posture and is defined by hyperextension of the upper cervical vertebrae and forward translation of the cervical vertebrae.

Thoracic Kyphosis is a complication of the combination of slouched-forward shoulders and rounded upper back which can lead to a painful shortening of the muscles of the back of the neck, as well as loading of the neck vertebra.

Due to the increased compressive forces through the neck joints and increased muscle tension, pain is the common outcome. Some of the types of problems associated with FHP are:


Neck discomfort

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders

Discomfort in the mid back

Pain, pins & needles and numbness in the arms and hands

Many people develop chronic or recurrent problems and receive treatment for the pain (e.g. pain killers or anti-inflammatory medication) but never receive treatment for the underlying cause which is their FHP.

Please click here for a great video on how to optimise your posture when using a laptop.

However, please remember that no one posture is good, its about movement and changing positions frequently. Click here to make an appointment with one of our specialist physiotherapist who can provide you with an individualised assessment to help reduce your postural related back pain.

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