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These are difficult times but we want to ensure that our clients, old and new, continue to receive the best possible service from our highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists, whilst at the same time protecting both client and therapist from possible infection.

We can, and will continue to offer ‘face to face’ appointments if you and your therapist are aware of the potential risks involved. However, if you would prefer, at least part of the first session can be performed remotely. The preferred method is using Zoom or if that is not possible, by telephone.
If you are unwell, are in the high to very high risk category, or simply prefer, we would be happy to perform the full consultation virtually.

Risk minimisation – ‘COVID-19 Secure’ environment.

(updated 1st May 2021)

These measures are based on the updated government guidance and the PPE advice as provided by the NHS, CSP and HCPC (April 2021). They will be reviewed regularly.

Patients are asked to be punctual and not arrive before their appointment time, they will be asked to remain in their car until called inside for the appointment.

  • Patients should bring their own face covering.
  • Patients will be required to wash their hands or use the sanitizer supplied, upon arrival.  
  • Time will be allowed between appointments to enable thorough cleaning and avoid contact between patients.
  • Except under special circumstance, patients will be unable to be accompanied in any part of the practice.
  • The physiotherapist will be wearing appropriate PPE.

Face to face appointments Covid-19

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COVID-19 is a highly contagious and potentially lethal virus. However, it has become clear that someone can be contagious before ever having any symptoms, which means that any of us could, at anytime, be contaminating anyone that we come into contact with. It has also become clear that hard surfaces can harbour the virus contained in the air expelled from an infected person when they sneeze or cough onto or near the surface.

Any interaction between two people could pose a risk, as could being in an environment in which an infected person has recently been.

Risks are associated with face-to-face appointments, the risk of becoming infected yourself, or of infecting the therapist, and the risk to other members of your or the therapist’s households should be considered.

To minimise these risks Penn Farm Physio has rigorously followed the advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Physio First (the private practitioners professional body), the NHS and Public Health England, and has modified the way the practice is run and cleaned, and what the patient and therapist are  required to wear in terms of PPE.