Covid Update

Penn Farm Physio

Keeping you active

As a medical facility we are open and are happy to see patients in clinic.

We offer ‘face to face’ appointment, however if you would prefer, the assessment can be performed remotely. The preferred method is using a Telehealth link or if that is not possible, by telephone.

(CV19 updated 1st March 2022)

These measures are based on the updated government guidance and the PPE advice as provided by the NHS, CSP and HCPC.

Patients are asked to be punctual and not arrive before their appointment time, they are welcome to wait in the waiting area or can wait in their cars and be called in.

  • Patients should bring their own face covering.
  • Patients will be required to wash their hands or use the sanitizer supplied, upon arrival.  
  • Time will be allowed between appointments to enable thorough cleaning and avoid contact between patients.
  • Except for children and other special circumstance, patients will ideally not be accompanied in the practice.
  • The physiotherapist will be wearing appropriate PPE.