Hi there, this is my first blog (ever) and I am trying to find my feet. However, firstly nice to meet you. I am a Physiotherapist who has worked for the NHS all my adult life and still do, as a Specialist physiotherapist for Cambridge Community Services. I have a great love of shoulder and neck complaints and gained a Masters in manipulative physiotherapy, which has a very hands on approach. In this blog I will aim to highlight current research, that may be of interest to you, here with regular up-dates, advice, and top tips. Helping you to stay active and informed!

Penn Farm Physiotherapy

Penn Farm Physio

Keeping you active

Our Chartered Physiotherapists have specialist musculoskeletal skills and are allĀ Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

We aim to provide a client-centred treatment program, where assessment and treatment skills are woven into a tailored package, empowering you to reach your full physical and mental potential.

This could be to get you back competing again, in the sports you love or to improve your general function at home, work or play.Ā  We pride ourselves on delivering excellent care that meets your individual needs.