Times & Prices

Penn Farm Physio

Keeping you active

We are usually able to offer consultations within 48 hours of your call. We aim to offer prompt appointment which are convenient for you.

We are open from 8am to 6pm Mondays to Friday. We are currently offering some evening clinics, up to 8pm.

Other times may be available in special circumstances – please ask.

Please note that some of our specialists are only available at fixed times and days.

Prices and Payment

Current situation due to COVID.
The first session HAS to be a remote session, ie. by telephone or video link. This is for 2 main reasons, the first being to reduce the time of physical contact between the patient and the therapist, the second to ascertain whether it is safe and beneficial to have a face to face appointment. The remote session will usually include assessment, advice and usually a home exercise program. The charge for this session is £60.

Follow up appointments, whether face to face in the clinic (if deemed to be safe and appropriate) or by remote methods, are charged at £48 for which we allow up to 30 minutes

Note however, that in some cases it may be that a shorter remote session results in a longer face to face treatment session, in which case the charges may be switched around or charges adjusted at the discretion of the therapist. .

Home visits can be arranged (again if deemed safe and appropriate) and these are charged according to time and distance from Penn Farm, starting from £90.

For self funding patients we usually ask for payment at the time of treatment preferably by bank transfer or card. Patients funded by Private Health Schemes need to provide authorisation numbers or proof of funding at the time of the initial assessment.